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Papertextile is the name for my Master's thesis, as well as a special technique I have developed over the years. In the artistic part of my thesis I made a series of intuitive material experiments without prior planning, allowing the chosen materials to guide the process. I documented and analyzed this material-based creative process in the written part of my thesis.


I have exhibited the material experiments in form of quilts and artist's books in 2013 in my studio exhibition in the Johannes Lauri Craft House, Rovaniemi, as well as in a group exhibition Recycling & Papier in the Whispering Wall Gallery in The Hague, Netherlands.

On the Fibres of my Nature

In 2011 I and a colleague Annariikka Qvist were commissioned to produce an installation for the brand new forest science center of my home town. The installation's purpose was to remind the visitors of the importance of forests to the civilized world, as a resource on which knowledge and culture has been printed on and spread over centuries. We created a three-dimensional poetry tree -installation called Luontoni Säikeistä, On the Fibres of my Nature. The poem, a mystical forest experience, was written by author Tiina Qvist. The installation consist of about 50 verses, hanging from the ceiling around a pillar, forming the foliage of a tree. The verses are laser-cut from Papertextile material made from recycled and dyed textiles and forest maps discarded by the National Forestry's local office. 


On The Fibres of my Nature is a part of the permanent exhibition in the Science Center Pilke, Rovaniemi.

Portraits of the Self 

Minäkuvia, or Portraits of the Self, is an artistic research project for my bachelor degree, conducted in 2007. I studied the concept of the person, or the self, and the boundaries of it through creating layered papertextile sculptures. 


In my experience textile materials and techniques are naturally suitable for depicting emotions. Therefore I wanted to explore how an inner experience of the self could be translated into a visible and tangible form, using a myriad of textile techniques: knitting, printing, dyeing, embroidery and my own laminating technique, which I would later name the Papertextile technique.


Changes is a series of miniature textile pieces depicting changes in one's life and environment, some small, some life-defining.

Each artwork tells their own story of a moment in life by means of different textile materials and techniques, f.e. screen printing, transfer printing, Papertextile, rug weaving and nuno felting.

Materials: discarded books and recycled textiles. 

Icy Metamorphoses

Icy Metamorphoses is a collaborative project with photographer Eija Timonen and textile artists Heidi Pietarinen and Päivi Fernström.

The artists involved are studying ice, through Eija Timonen's photography and transforming it into textile art.

My main interest is the ever changing nature of ice as well as the layers and intricate patterns ice forms in the photos taken by Eija. The static and cold ice seems to be very much alive, when one looks at it close enough.

I translate the language of photography onto textiles through screen printing, breakdown printing and Papertextile -technique. The artworks are textile panels, printed fabrics and installations.

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