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Photography: Daria Akimenko

I am Jenni-Liisa Yliniva, a textile designer born and living in Rovaniemi, a city on the Arctic Circle in Finland. I practice and teach textile art and printing.


I love to design with pen and paper as well as digital tools. But even more, I love to work with textile materials: touch them, play with them, combine them in different ways. Inspiration starts at my fingertips.


My aim as a product designer is to create beautiful, functional items out of recycled or ecological materials. As a print designer I strive for Scandinavian simplicity and the perfect repeat, yet preserving the spirit of the doodles in my sketchbook.


As an artist I consider myself a discoverer. I explore the tangible world with all my senses, making piles of material experiments. Sometimes this exploration leads to installations, sometimes I create an artist's book but the result could just as well be a new product.


As a teacher I want to share my knowledge with my students and spark them with enthusiasm towards textile art and print design. 


You are welcome to view samples of my work on these pages. For further information, please contact me!

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